A Salford architect remembered Henry Lord

Henry Lord (b 23 May 1843 in Chester) lived most of his life in Salford. He features in my Barton Tours.

His addresses included Howard Street in Weaste, Fitzwarren Street in Pendleton, Eccles Old Road and Bolton Road. Although he is not all that well known in Salford, he had a huge impact on the city for generations to come and he deserves much more recognition than he gets. He was the architect for hundreds of buildings all over Salford and Manchester. Among the many Salford buildings which he designed or extended were:

Schools – Beech Street, Blackfriars Road, Grecian Street, John Street, Leaf Square, London Street, Marlborough Road, Ordsall Board, Seedley County, St. Ambrose, St. Andrew’s (Monton), St. Clement’s, St. George’s, St. Stephen’s, Trafford Road,

Churches – Methodist Free Church on Liverpool Street, St Ambrose on Liverpool Street, St. Clement’s in Lower Broughton, Holy Rood in Swinton,

Public buildings – Eccles and Patricroft Hospital, the Langworthy Gallery at Peel Park Museum, Regent Road Library, Salford Royal Technical Institute, major additions to both Salford Royal and Hope Hospitals and the Nurses’ Homes at both, Salford Lads Club

Pubs – Griffin pub, Lower Broughton, the Black Horse on the Crescent.

Other – Barton Conservative Club, Groves and Whitnall Brewery offices, 32 houses on Barracks Square off Regent Road, drainage works and bake-house at Salford Workhouse, warehouse on Cobden Street

He was always a bit deaf and short-sighted, but served on the Council and was one of the longest serving magistrates in Salford. In 1926, he was knocked down by a car outside his house on Bolton Road. He died of his injuries in Salford Royal and was buried at St Catherine’s Church, Barton.

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